Invited Talk 1

Michel Abdalla,
ENS and PSL Research University, France,
"Can functional encryption be practical? "

Abstract. Functional encryption is a paradigm that allows users to finely control the amount of information that is revealed by a ciphertext to a given receiver. In this talk, we will discuss some of the main results in the area for both general and specific functionalities. While constructions for general functionalities tend to be quite inefficient, we will see how one can significantly improve the efficiency of such schemes by focusing on specific functionalities, such as inner products. Though less general, such functionalities still seem expressive enough for use in practical settings.

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Invited Talk 2

Jintai Ding,
University of Cincinnati, US,
"Multivariate public key cryptography"

Abstract. Multivariate public key cryptosystems (MPKC) are one of the four main families of post-quantum public key cryptosystems. In an MPKC, the public key is given by a set of quadratic polynomials and its security is based on the hardness of solving a set of multivariate polynomials. In this tutorial, we will give a general introduction to the multivariate public key cryptosystems including the main designs, the main attack tools and the mathematical theory behind. We will also present state of the art research in the area.

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