For Chairs
กแ Before the session, please make sure all the speakers be present and remind them to be punctual to the assigned time.
กแ At the beginning of the session, welcome the participants, introduce the speakers in order and invite each speaker to the audience.
กแ After the presentation, questions and answers will be followed under chairperson's control.
กแ At the conclusion of the session, please make a brief summary and close the session on time.
กแ After the session, please let the organizers know no-show, if any.
For Presenters
กแ Time Allocation (including discussion)
- Invited Lecture: 60 min.
- Oral presentation: 25 min.
กแ All speakers are kindly requested to check and review their presentation materials and upload them at the Speakers' room before their scheduled presentation. It is also possible for the speakers to bring their own laptop.